Project Description

Systems are designed for laser micromachining on flexible substrates while winding these from roller to roller. It is equipped with novel machine vision solutions enabling to capture alignment marks on the fly and correct position deviations arising due to web vibrations and irregularities.


  • Modular design

  • Winding speed up to 30 m/ min

  • High precision coating processing

  • Film base handling tension control

  • Stable continuous processing

  • IN-SITU monitoring

APPLICATIONS/ Suitable for

  • Selective material ablation

  • Pattering

  • Drilling


  • Polymer

  • Paper

  • Metal foil


Laser type DPSS, mode-locked, ps
Average laser power 6-60 W
Max winding speed 30 m/min
Power consumption
(depends on laser power)
< 1 – 5 kW, 240 VAC, 50-60 Hz

*custom options are available on request


Multi-Beam processing module using laser beam interference patterning technique can be used to enhance fabrication speed of periodic patterns, compared to the conventional direct laser writing. Interference patterning allows distributing irradiation energy over a large fabrication area and producing sub-wavelength features in this area with a single exposition. A laser spot containing modulated intensity can be utilized as a lithography tool or to pattern a material through laser ablation process directly.