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Metal, synthetic diamond or ceramic mechanical tools treatment

Optimisation of Processing Parameters of 3D Shape Structures in Ultra-hard Materials With Picosecond Pulses

The laser processing of composite materials as well as cutting edge generation technology based on ultrashort laser pulses has drawn a lot of attention in the past few years. Ultra-hard materials processing such as polycrystalline diamond,natural diamond, tungsten carbide , and CERMET with picosecond pulses makes a new opportunities in industrial world. The key parameters that is critical for industrial applications is processing time and processing quality. Laser manufacturing is done with five axis CNC machine and scanner for beam translation with high speed and ultrashort ~12 ps laser source with high repetition rate. The cutting tools and cutitngs inserts from WC and CERMET materials were processed. To reach required 3D shape geometry the different scanning algorithms consisting of sliced structure were designed for investigate the both: optimised processing time and quality.

By varying the laser pulse energy, pulses overlap and layers count, different material removing rates can be achiewed from 0.3 µm/layer to ~ 18 µm/layer. In such a way the depth of structures can be controlled with a high precision. The surface quality strongly depends on the used pulse energy and scanning parameters. It was shown that by adjusting processing parameters rough and smouth surfaces can be processed. The minimal surface roughnes that was measured with stylus profilometer was Ra ~ 300 nm.


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